About Us

About Us

The Lifestyle Forum is an online publication devoted to every single aspect of lifestyle and fashion, health and beauty, and product reviews. In fact, it is a blogging website, which lets the readers not adhere to the selective phase, but they can have their hands in too many pots at the same time based upon interests.

Hence, it also offers the readers to go through the up to date content about entertainment, kitchen, activity, world event, and watch videos as well


Lifestyle and Fashion

On the platform of The Lifestyle Forum, you can know about the distinctive and latest fashion trends and styles on and off the runway. Here the reader will find pop-up outfit ideas, fashion accessories, footwear, and make-up with artistic collaboration and techniques from our top experts. In this way, you will see which celebrity dressed whom on the red carpet and what style they are up to. In short, there is full guidance and comments on the Lifestyle and Fashion section to look your best like them.


The Lifestyle Forum gives access to your favorite celebrities under the Entertainment category. Details of all upcoming Hollywood/ Bollywood movies, including release dates, critics rating, trailers, public revenue, and photos, are found here. So, you can keep your film calendar up to date by seeing the rundown of approaching features. The Lifestyle Forum also facilitates to pluck out one of the best movies from your favorite genre, whether it is a comedy, romance, or something in between.


Explore ideas to overhaul your kitchen accessories and design with unique organization, storage, and layout. Hence, the readers can remodel their kitchen style with simple swaps either through paint or through lighting to make sure things up to date. Besides, on The Lifestyle Forum, search for what to cook from the popular recipes. Our cooking experts guide you on how to keep things simple and delicious at the same time in this Kitchen section. From mid-week meals to make-ahead lunch, go easy. You can also send your magical recipes to be shared on the Lifestyle Forum.

Health and Beauty

The Lifestyle Forum helps you to augment or improve the actions of your life with a healthy lifestyle. Our beauty experts give you here in Health and Beauty, everything you need to know about beauty tips, which can help you look and feel yourself great. Further, how healthy nutrition and diet and societal trends give dewy skin, strong hair, perfect nails, and much more. Our blogs let the readers indulge in the ways, and routine the celebrities follow, to keep you beautiful.


Build a gym and workout habit with tips and tricks from the Lifestyle Forum trainers if you are a beginner and scared to work out. This platform enables you to stick to exercises, reps, tempo, sets, and rest periods. There are full-body programs separate for men and women, including high-volume training based upon a person’s ability and strength. Therefore, few simple, effective moves give you the physique you dream. Similarly, the Lifestyle Forum also updates you under the same Activity section, with the latest tournament and series of your favorite sport. Further, gather fantastic ideas regarding kids’ productive activities and games like entrepreneurial, art and craft, and other educational.


The Lifestyle Forum celebrates the days, which marks a particular event or topic. In our content under the Events category, there is the theme and other info related to world events to help readers in better commemoration. Apart from world events, our planners care about your personal functions and celebrations. Hence, from experts, find remarkable suggestions regarding weddings, birthdays or so. Get to know about planning venues, outdoor grills, reception, dance floor, etc. We aimed to make your celebrations magnificent by taking the challenges and rising to expectations.

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