All about White Henna – Next Biggest Thing Flooding the Fashion World

White Henna Bridal designs

All about White Henna – Next Biggest Thing Flooding the Fashion World

All about White Henna – Next Biggest Thing Flooding the Fashion World

Do you know the latest change is in the air? A transition from the traditional red bloom hands to white-colored patterns means on festivals is rocking the fashion world. White Henna is a white body paint primarily used for prosthetic or cosmetic purposes but now is in a traditional affair of mehndi colors.

White henna bridal designs

Hence, people use flaunting designs that can link to any body part and last for a whole one week. In order to stand out in the crowd, experiment something unique, and become a trendsetter.

Below, we brought a guide about what White Henna is, how to apply, and ways to enhance the designs.


No More Stain: Is the White Henna the same as the Red Henna?

 A big Nooooo!!! White Henna, as eluded to Red one, does not stain skin, so it goes entirely as soon as the layer comes off.

Further, the layer you can scrub off at any time with exfoliation. A perfect option for one day type of events like proms, photoshoots, or weddings. Besides, the adhesive body paint rather than the actual Henna has:

  • Acrylic emulsion, water, guar gum, titanium dioxide, sorbitol and a trace of benzoyl peroxide
  • It’s not skin bleach or colorless Henna

You always thought western-style outfits and Henna aren’t made for each other.

True for regular Henna but, white Henna brings change to the norms you ever believed. Rather than skipping one from your both favorites, create a fusion of this wedding.

It is because this Henna goes stunning with western dresses and darker skin tones also.


casual designs of white henna art


Mix, Pour, and Apply: How to Make it at Home?

Make sure never to apply regular acrylic paint on the skin to avoid the breakout or other allergic reactions. You just need three things for magical designs:

  • Two teaspoons of Pros-Aide cream
  • One tablespoon of white body paint
  • One tablespoon of water

Mix three of them in a bowl with a spatula and add in a piping bag. Pros-Aide cream helps the body paint to stay on your skin, and water is to maintain consistency.


Now pour this mixture in an empty plastic cone to apply on hands in creative patters while using supplies like rhinestones.

As soon as you complete the design, let it dry and dust it with cornstarch or glitter. Shed the excess powder using a brush and, as it is semi-waterproof, can be washed. However, do submerge in water for too long.



I am sure now the next biggest thing on your upcoming event will be white Henna, and you will try it.

Before applying the White Henna design, perform a skin test if you got an allergy to adhesives. Do not freeze the paste; keep at room temperature.


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