Best Nail Art Designs -That Will Enhance Your Nails

summer nail art design

Best Nail Art Designs -That Will Enhance Your Nails

Best Nail Art Designs -That Will Enhance Your Nails


Aren’t you fed up with the same old pale pink or nude nails? Choose Best Nail art designs to enhance your hand. In this article we are going to share some ideas that will boost your hand’s look.

Don’t you feel like trying something daring and, at the same time glamorous like Mary Soul and Mei Kawajiri? If yes, then dare to enhance your nails beauty with crazy yellow or red and unique best nail art design.

In this way, not only jewelry but also, your nails will bling in the close-up shots and give flashy and outgoing appearance for dinners. Our article about different nail polish art is an answer to your prayers when salons are close.

Keep reading to know how to create a nail art pattern a style statement and end up loving it after done.


Top Best Nail Art Designs Ideas That Will Scream Your Style:

Go nowhere to impress anybody but below to learn all basic and essential art of nails by heart.


Butterfly Nail Art Design

Best nail art design - butterfly

The butterfly being a beautiful and attractive animal on Earth is every woman’s favorite. We observe your fondness for butterflies through your clothes, hair accessories, bags, etc. Hence, flaunt your butterfly fever with many creative ideas than traditional nail paint art and so.

For example, there are butterfly stickers that can hold nails. Besides, coat your nails with yellow and then paint a curve line with black around the cuticle.

nail art design

Draw three lines towards the nail to complete the wing pattern. In the end, complete the design with white dots for the butterfly wing.


Marble Nail Art Design

You do not need much for marble nails and probably find things in the kitchen to stand out from the crowd. Just a nail polish and water and you are done.

best nail art design

Drip nail varnish into a water cup for water marble nails and, likewise, use other your favorite colors to do the same.

Drag toothpick to the varnish’s center and repeat to make a flower pattern. Now dip a finger in water with cuticle rolled in tape. Let it dry, remove the tape and paint for perfect nail style with a clear topcoat.


Black Nails

Make your nails capable of grabbing a lot of eyeballs being classy and shimmery.

And when it comes to classy colors, black is undoubtedly a chic option to make a fashion statement with your fingers. Besides, black nails suit every occasion and outfit they are paired with.

Try some innovations on black nails as Black matte nails with gold embellishments, Black French tip nail design, or black lace nail design.

Make sure to keep your nail designs 2020 clean but drool-worthy like Ruth Negga’s artist Michelle Humphrey.


3D Nail Art 

Just as 3D had been on a constant rise in movies, painting, and animation, similarly, it has made an impact on nail decorations also. Moreover, 3D nails look fabulous with simple studs and flower designs.

Get yourself started for 3D texture, by choosing a base of your favorite color and grab some regular lace. In this way, just peel lace flowers to stick on the nail rather than drawing. Here you get your Lace 3D nails ready.

Learn how to keep the things simple like Karen Gutierrez by placing only dainty sequins in corners of dusty rose matte nails.


Flower Nail Art Designs

Pretty floral nail patterns bring life to your manicure if done neatly. In this way, polish your nails with elegant and delicate daisies of white and gold colors. For the base color, choose pale pink or pastel blue nail polish.

Now, with a light hand, draw daisies on all or some and leave the rest with the base. Moreover, for one or two nails, you can change daisies’ colors from white to others.

Besides, use best nail art stickers of floral themes for the perfect print.


Summer Nail Art 

Are you missing beach days and barbeque hangouts this summer? Although it is tough to fix the current situation, we guarantee your happiness with beautiful nail work.

Summer itself brings warm colors for base coats, even for all nail shapes.

summer nail art design

However, on the top go for cactus plants for desert-style nails or summer surprises like ice cream. Moreover, a juicy fruit drawing like watermelon, cherry, or lemon is not a bad option either.

In this way, show you love towards summer in funky style as Alicia Torello does.


Disney Nail Art Design

No matter which age group you stand in, girls always fascinate Disney characters. With Mickey, Minnie, or Jasmine, you can create a mini cartoon board on nails that will decry your superfan status.

To create Minnie mouse nails, you need just dotting tools and a nail art bow. In nail art stores, you can easily find deco bows.

Moreover, for the thumb, create a Disney Pixar castle with horizontal stripes. Further, use nail art decals if drawing is too much headache for you.


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Spring  Best Nail Art designs 

Let the flowers open on your fingers along with spring season’s runaway. Imagine bright rainbow nails, bright hues, a quirky pattern like cloud and playful takes on floral nails; aren’t just pure fun?

Be your own nail artist similar to Melbourne-based Clara H. by embedding dried flowers into gel nails.

Further, spring is all about a picnic (although not this time), mix and match them up with gingham tablecloth. 

For the rainbow, paint your manicure tip with rainbow colors, different for each tip, or draw tiny white clouds under the blue base for an ultimate spring look.

Sun flower nail art

You can also try other best nail art like gel nail art, rhinestone nail art, glitter nail art, rainbow nail art, and sunflower nail art, etc.


Stamping Techniques – Maniology  

Maniology is an opportunity for fun and unrestrained artistic expression through each nail. In this stamping nail art technique, you can transfer the art of your choice from an etched metal plate to nails.

Moreover, the nail stamping kits are available at Amazon at reasonable prices, including a scraper, a stamp, nail stamping polish, and a disc with designs. For maniology/nail stamping:

  • Apply nail polish on nail stamping plates over the selected design
  • Gently scrape off excess polish with scraper towards the edge
  • Use stamper to pick up the image using squishy part of it
  • Now transfer the design by rolling stamper on your nail
  • In the end, seal with topcoat

So, using these tools, do what makes you feel happy and be confident about whimsical designs. Check the following nail stamping kits on Amazon with completely different nail pattern plates.

Beautiful Gold Foil Nails in No Time

Gold color; King of nail colors is enough to make your husband jaw drops on your anniversary night.

Without any knowledge, you can place them on top of gel/acrylic or slightly tacky nail paint. Or else take help from Cardi B’s Jenny Bui, the queen of glam and glitz.


Cardi B's Jenny Bui


With a jar of gold foil, your nails give a nice reflection of your personality throughout the year. For example,

  • For antique gold leaf look, use metallic gold foil over the top of any color base
  • White nails pop up the nails with brightness itself and silver foil on top complements further
  • Or bring attention to just the massive foil work with clear coat base

In this way, at home with simple tricks, produce incredible impact without anyone’s help with foil nails for a warm afternoon.


Best Nail Art Stickers and Decals for Best Nail Designs

No matter how great you are at freehand art, it is hard to get the end product like the celebs you inspire.

If you do not have Tom Bachik, who works on Jennifer Lopez  and Kim Kardashian nails, you got us solutions. Nail art stickers and nail decals are perfect for symmetrical shapes and clean lines.

In this way, you can add additional oomph to nails with a jewel or gem without any rocket science. However, paint the base coat with millennial color that much you can learn, we guess.

Then, top them up with unique appliqués for the easiest but playful design.

Amazon is full of best nail art stickers and decals to make a perfect purchase for you.


The Takeaway

Consider your nails like canvas and create an intricate pattern that you may have thought were meant only for clothing or so.

In this way, every time you will observe your finger or toe nail art design, it will bring a smile and a sense of pride being skillful.


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