CHILDREN’S DAY- A Day Every Child Cherishes


CHILDREN’S DAY- A Day Every Child Cherishes

CHILDREN’S DAY- A Day Every Child Cherishes

Children's day

Children’s day is a day in which you can spread awareness of children’s rights and raise them well.

Children are also like delicate plants; if they are not properly cared for, they could not grow well.




Usually, it is not easy to convey a message to the parents for the best parenting ideas. Still, on the day of the celebration, through speeches, articles, and activities, parents can also learn many things to bring up their children easily.

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”  — Charles R. Swindoll, Evangelical Christian pastor


Children’s Day and Its Origin

Children’s Day is a Memorial Day celebrated in honor of children, whose dates vary from one country to another.

During the world conference on child welfare, Geneva was first proclaimed in 1925, and since then, children’s day celebrations are hosted on 20th November in most countries.

Over the past few years, children’s day has promoted many causes worldwide, for example, exterminating HIV and promoting education for all children.


Children’s Day Celebrations

Children are the asset of our future. Therefore, every school celebrates this day with various events like cultural programs, games, debates, quizzes, dance shows, music events, and drama.

Teachers also take part in organizing children’s day and by performing different cultural events.

Some schools celebrate this day by organizing sports events for the kids, and sometimes they invite different kids from the orphanage.  They can also avail the perks of children’s day celebrations.

happy children's day

And gestures like these form a sense of equality among students. On this day, Parents and teachers also distribute gifts, chocolates, and toys to show their love for children.

Besides schools, many NGOs who work for deprived children take this day as a prospect to extend a helping hand.

They organize different exciting shows and distribute books, clothes, toys, and other essential objects to make them happy.

Several shows, including awareness programs, and fun shows, are telecasted on the television for the children’s day. Many articles are published online and in newspapers to this day.


Lifestyle Of Children

 If we compare the children’s mindset from the present and past, there is a huge difference.

Being a 90’s kid, Childhood was something which our origin loved to praise because we have witnessed the transitions from simple country life to a technological lifestyle.

There is a profound change in the current lifestyle of children.

lifestyle of children

Now children have a bunch of activities for their entertainment. If you turn off internet connections, they will be bored in a second because of their different inclination towards high-tech gadgets.

Their intelligence level is higher because of their exposure. Kids nowadays are not dumb and love to have a healthy conversation with their elders.

The whole parenting has transformed. Now parents spend most of their time with their kids. They like to have one on one conversations with them.

Children nowadays need logic behind every action. They need to know every possible detail.


Children’s day 2020

With the pandemic still going strong, children’s day 2020 would be a different scenario. It has created an immense disturbance in educational events.

Pandemic Situation and Children’s Loss:

This year what children are getting is only virtual meet and greet and might without grand activities.

Mental Health issues:

Even kids these days are facing mental health issues because of the corona outbreak, and their restriction to be at home all the time is troubling them.

The screen time is getting high, which is not safe for their mental health.

Hard time for Parents:

Parents in these hard times are not accepting that their children are in deep sadness, which is harming their mental health; it’s their duty to talk to them and find suitable ways to treat depression.

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”  — James Baldwin, novelist and social critic

Happy Children day Celebration in Schools:

Though nothing can beat the children’s day celebration in schools, this year the school management has replicated the activities virtually from dance practices to speech contests; they have organized it virtually, which is not an entertaining option but in this time of the pandemic, keeping children’s safety is the priority.

Activities for Kids at Children’s Day

Teachers and parents encourage children to participate in quizzes, essay writing, live dance shows, plays and skits, and singing shows on kids day this year.

Final thoughts

On this children’s day, we need to fight for our kids’ rights and give our kids a better and safe future.

UN has introduced a campaign named SAVE THE CHILDRENand the vision behind this campaign is that every kid needs a right to survive.

In this time of uncertainty where every other day we came across news like child abuse, child trafficking, we need to take necessary actions; even by making small changes, we can make a difference for our children’s future. It is worth the extra effort.

“The potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation.”  — Ray L. Wilbur, third president of Stanford University

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