Coronavirus Latest Update

coronavirus latest update

Coronavirus Latest Update

Coronavirus Latest Update – Coronavirus Disease, a Steady March to a Delicate State

The threat of coronavirus infection is raising fears that it could bring havoc in dense nations. From the coronavirus latest update of WHO, it has gone pandemic potential. Further, it can stop fiscal growth worst than the global financial crisis (2008). It is due to a high ban on traveling that will affect trade activity. Hence, this outbreak can go to any side, which depends upon how we handle it.

coronavirus latest update

Affected Figures

The total number of infected people is 182,546 from coronavirus latest updates globally. Among them, almost 7,159 people died, and 67,003 people got the recovery. As the healed ones are more, it shows its less severe nature than the first two types. Although still coronavirus vaccine is under process, the death rate of it is only 3%.On the other hand; Covid-19 has spread to numerous countries globally.

The coronavirus update in some countries is as follows:

Country No. of Deaths No. of Cases
China 3,226 80,881
Italy 2,158 24,980
Iran 853 14,991
South Korea 75 8,320
US 87 4,667
Japan 28 821
Cruise Ship (Diamond Princess) 7 697
France 148 6,633
Australia 5 401
Hong Kong 4 157
Spain 342 9,942
Saudi Arabia 0 133
Pakistan 1 188
India 3 125
Philippines 12 142
Malaysia 0 553
Netherland 24 1,413
United Kingdom 53 1,543

Further, a new case came to Nigeria, where the sick one took the virus from Italy. Moreover, other places are Greece, Kuwait, Bahrain, Romania, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and many more.

Steps Taken by Countries – Coronavirus Latest Update 

Lately, various nations have taken several steps to reduce coronavirus disease on their side. Even Mongolia’s leader, who lately visited China, has kept under isolation. In fact, many countries chose a few tacts as a virus alert now:

  • Saudi Arabia banned foreign pilgrims entries
  • All carnival projects have canceled in Greece
  • Switzerland banned 1,000 people grouping
  • Iran and Japan ordered to close schools for a month
  • Australia stopped the entry from China

Moreover, the government of Iran has urged people to avoid trips within the country as well as cut Friday Prayer gatherings.
The majority of cases have listed in the Hubie province of China. Further, coronavirus’s latest update shows Italy and Iran are also now the major centers to spread it. Therefore, nations are trying to cope with this outbreak rather than being panic.


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