Coronavirus Threat – Steps Taken Against Covid-19, Worldwide


Coronavirus Threat – Steps Taken Against Covid-19, Worldwide

Coronavirus Threat – Steps Taken Against Covid-19, Worldwide

People around the globe continue to be hit hard by a killer coronavirus. In this way, the WHO calling it a pandemic asked countries to continue their efforts, which are useful in limiting the cases.

As many cases have listed daily, therefore, countries declare urgent actions to curb the spread.

Further, all these actions have designed to stop the system from being flooded with a large number at once. Keep on reading to have a better idea about the steps taken globally.

Major Decisions to Slow Down the Coronavirus Acceleration 

Many countries are taking action based on medical and science experts’ advice.

In this way, from time to time, they publish certain restraints to control the spread. We have summed up the steps that have taken until now. 

Travel Ban:

As an alert, the countries have curbed moving outside and even within the state. On the other hand, some of the states have notably stopped the entry of migrants from the worst affected virus centers. Among such places are China, Iran, South Korea, and Italy. Further,

  • With the break of the virus, China limited travel and asked people to stay at home.
  • The US closed borders to non-essentials travels and the people from China, Taiwan, and 26 European states.
  • India rejected a visa for one month for all ex-pats with omissions to go for a job or official purposes until mid-April.
  • Iran imposed intercity and international travel ban on state officials
  • In Italy only with the need for a special permit, people can travel within countries

However, according to WHO, during health crises, the people and goods’ bound mobility led for only a short period.

Screening at Airport:


Besides, some countries that cannot ban travel for economic concerns imposed mandatory testing of visitors. On the other hand, at airports and other transport hubs, a few queries have asked about their recent trips, health record, etc. For example,

  • Pakistan is screening travelers coming from all the countries
  • Temperature checks have been running in Italy since February. Further, tests have also been carried out at railway stations
  • The US along with the travel ban of Europe made the checks at the airport of its citizen must

Now, the countries do not rely on tests, as signs take a few days to appear in the virus carrier. Due to this, only half of the infected people were caught by screening.

Closure of Schools due to Coronavirus:


All the institutes of educative, cultural, and scientific nature have closed briefly. However, this can be hugely disruptive, financially, and socially.

  • In Saudi Arabia, schools and colleges have closed for an unsure period, and teachers have asked to carry online classes.
  • In Germany, until Easter Holiday all learning will be delayed, i.e. after 20th April classes will resume.
  •  The UK closed schools indefinitely, and GCSE and A-level exams have been canceled.
  • Pakistan has now imposed the closure all over provinces till May
  • In Japan, until the end of the academic year, the institutes will remain close

Other places, which gave orders to limit schools opening, are Iraq, Iran, Ireland, China, Italy, and many others.

Delay of Big Events and Sports due to coronavirus

Due to the COVID-19 spread, many sports or other events have cut or delayed. Above all, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have postponed to next July 2021.

Moreover, it is the first time that the Olympics canceled after World War II.


For instance,

  • Louisiana delayed the scheduled presidential primary elections from April 4 to June 20
  • The London Marathon; 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon has postponed to October 4 from April 26
  • After public health emergency, the Indian Wells tennis tournament has canceled.
  • Pakistan government have withdrawn the final match of the Pakistan Super League (PSL)

The Premier League, EFL, FA, and WSL have unitedly agreed to delay the game in England. In short, there are many other events from the Italian Football League to Barcelona Marathon. All these steps are to ensure minimum gatherings and cut down the roots of the virus.

Fiscal Support

The government demands people to stay home to stay safe and relax. Hence, it grows hard for a person to earn a living and feed their family. For this purpose, many leaders have assured to help those who have harmed by this outbreak of Coronavirus.

  • The US president, Donald Trump, is giving economic aid packages to workers. Not only this but he also grants loans to firms harmed by COVID-19.
  • Justin Trudeau ensures Canada’s fiscal help, so they will not have to panic about groceries, rents, and child care.

Countries are trying to relieve people through incentives and reducing taxes.

Coronavirus Testing


A large number of people undergo a virus test every day around the globe. In this way, they take steps that can be begun for health care and isolation for infected ones. Anyhow, the number of people tested varies from place to place; but some are as follows:

  • Currently, in England, per day number of tests is 13,000 which is less than the expected 15,000
  • South Korea tests a large number of people every day which is more than other countries.

Thus, there is a dramatic rise in the labs for testing people globally. However, countries enhance the count they check based upon how severe the outbreak is at a place.

Lack of Gatherings in coronavirus

The Coronavirus has caused closed ones apart, as safety from this killer needs least close contact with each other. Hence, the world has shut famous charms, which bring people from various corners. Few examples are:

  • Disney theme parks of Hong Kong and Japan remain closed.
  • The tourists’ sites all across Italy have temporarily closed
  • Pakistan banned meetings in cinemas, wedding halls, eateries, and other public venues and even indoor meeting of more than 100 persons
  • The entry of pilgrims to visit the Holy site Mecca had briefly halted by Saudi Arabia. Now it is open for a limited number of people
  • Tunisia suspended prayers in the mosque and imposed the closure of cafes at 4 pm

Similarly, secure Iran’s security forces the street to avoid the spread and fight this battle with the virus.

Proper Hygiene

In several countries, officials carry out disinfection at public places as a measure against COVID-19. It is because; Coronavirus has assumed to hit the tourism sector hard. For example,

  • The holy site of Saudi Arabia, Mecca, has sanitized, and pilgrims had stopped to enter for those few days.
  • In India, multiple steps have been carried to ensure sanitation in public transport vehicles.

The state demands people to keep proper hygiene, mainly by desisting from buying eatables from roadside vendors.

Work from Home 

Coronavirus crisis forces the employees to work from home to keep economic output. However, working at an unsuitable place alongside kids is another dare for working parents. On the other hand, companies are rolling out to stay at home jobs to promote social distancing. Moreover,

  • In high-profile firms like Microsoft and Google, the policy and infrastructure for online jobs from home is already in place.
  • In smaller companies, remote working has limited to a few, mainly for email and other non-operational systems.
  • Educator sector like universities and schools are giving distance learning for students.male-enjoying-work-from-home-in-lockdown

Other companies that have restricted travel and asked workers to work remotely like:

Oracle, Amazon, Apple, Hitachi, and Nestle, etc. Anyhow, work from home jobs for mom and others demands useful internet, strict routine, dedicated workspace, and discipline.

Lockdown and Social Distancing


COVID-19 had prompted more than a third of Earth’s population to be on lockdown now.

Numerous countries have implemented full or partial lockdown to protect their people from the worst. For example,

  • India asked 1.3 million of the people to stay for 21 days at home
  • In some cities of Saudi Arabia, there is complete lockdown at some places like Mecca whereas in some cities from 6 pm-3 pm
  • On March 16, France executed full lockdown, banning walks outside and gatherings
  • Poland, Italy, and New Zealand imposed the world’s largest and most restrictive quarantines
  • The UK rolled out a nationwide lockdown for at least three weeks

The other countries on lockdown and social distancing are Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, and more.

Here people are not permitted to leave until there is a medical necessity, shopping for essentials, or travel to work.

High Medical Alerts

As the number of infected people is rising day by day; therefore, it requires more medical care, space, and supplies.

Thus, the empty spaces grew into large intensive care wards. One nurse in Italy wrote that the hospitals are showing 200 percent effort.

Further, they are not dealing with other cases like strokes for now except COVID-19 sufferers.

In many countries, including Pakistan, in the last 14 days, people who have gone abroad have to self-isolate themselves for two weeks.

There are full quarantine body kits and machines, along with hospitals. Further, there are many helplines based upon the person’s area in case if he sees any sign and wants help.  

The Bottom Line

Our experts are taking essential steps to free the world from Coronavirus; hence, you do not have to panic from the current state.

Instead, you must also work along with them by supporting their decision and following all cares directed. In this way, you will perform the duties at your level.



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