Depression Causes and Symptoms – How to deal with Mental Health?

How to deal with Mental Health

Depression Causes and Symptoms – How to deal with Mental Health?

Depression Causes and Symptoms – How to deal with Mental Health?

How do you know when Depression is approaching? What can you do about it?

“You know, I feel depressed and lonely.” Every day we may hear it from the dear ones around us.

But, what does it truly is to feel depressed? Make sure it’s not the usual mood change or brief I feel the sad response to part of life trials.

In fact, depression is a mental disorder involving feeling sad and low persistently so that it interferes with your life projects.

How to deal with Mental Health


Hence, a long-lasting serious health issue leads to lower potency and suicide, at worst, as we wailed in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput.

For them, dying at once either through a cutting vein, suicidal hanging, or other, seems far easier than dying every day out of anxiety.

By WHO, more than 264 million people of all age groups are struggling with extreme anxiety globally. Either it is postpartum anxiety, social anxiety, or phobia of any type.

Keep reading to know about the signs, causes, and possible cure of this disorder.


Avoid Overlapping Grief with Depression:                                    Causes of Depression

The grieving process is natural and shares some traits with depression, like loss of activities and intense sorrow. Loss of work, death of a loved one, or an end of a relation, such tests are hard to endure and are causes of anxiety or grief.


  • Breakup with lover
  • Loss in business
  • Divorce
  • Poverty
  • Parents failed marriage and
  • Facing failure in studies.


depressive business man


feeling lonely in depression


Covid-19 depressed in lockdown


Divorced woman - anxiety feeling


Even Covid-19 this year has triggered a panic attack among nations.

However, depression is the result of the complex link of psychical, social, and biological factors. Hence, note the contrasts among both:

  • In depression, the good feeling or mood is totally absent whereas in grief the pain comes in waves and often mixed with good memories
  • Self-esteem is there in grief, but, depression brings a feeling of self-loathing and low worth

In order to get proper support and therapy, you need to separate one from both.

 Keep Track when Anyone Nearing Anxiety:                                      Signs of Depression

Rather than ordinary ”blue” feeling, this disorder affects not only your mood but also the body.

The signs can vary based on age or gender; it affects, e.g., by WHO, women are found more victims than men. Besides, the symptoms can be ongoing or may come and go; further, it depends on how severe the disorder is.

Hence, mainly it involves repeated depressive episodes during which a person faces,

  • Depressed mood, such as, irritability, anger, crying, feeling empty and hopeless
  • Lack of interest in social gathering and activities enjoyed before
  • Disturbed sleep pattern; either insomnia or sleeping too much
  • Inability to focus and fulfill tasks even delayed response during talking
  • Feeling low self-worth or guilty and change in appetite
  • Physical issues like fatigue, digestive problems, weight change, or anxiety headache


Besides, other signs of depression in women and men include a brain tumor, vitamin loss, and even thyroid problems. Hence, it is vital to rule out general medical causes.


Possible Ways to Deal With This Situation 

It is high time to deal with this leading cause of disability that causes around 800 000 people to die in an effort to commit suicide every year.

Can you imagine the stars whose life you dream for a day as sad people striving with anxiety? A lifestyle of fame and money does not shield one from mental illness, like Lady Gaga or Demi Lovato.



Anyhow, there are effective psychological treatments for moderate and severe depression in children and adults.

The elements involved in managing this treatable mental disorder are:

  • Psychotherapy or talking therapy that includes counseling and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) with a therapistmental health therapist - helps in depression
  • Drug treatment that includes antidepressants guided by a doctor
  • Aerobic exercise stimulates neurotransmitter and endorphin levels, which has a link with mood
  • Brain Stimulation Therapies are another option, which helps in sending magnetic pulses to the brain
  • Natural anxiety relief with herbs of anxiety-like ginseng, chamomile, St. John’s wort, and lavender improve mental clarityshould be relax - mental health


Even changing diet by adding specific foods like olive oil, fish, fruits, and herbs help to deal with mental health and improve your immune system.

tips-for-anxiety or depression


The Bottom Line

Depression is a dark mood, which is eating all joys of your life. Hence, the major thing is training people to admit their mental illness like Kristen Bell and then discuss the solution to their problem.

By her, there is no shame in seeking help; just as diabetic needs insulin, you may need a dose for anxiety.


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