Ditch the traditional workout with Zumba dance

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Ditch the traditional workout with Zumba dance

Ditch the traditional workout with Zumba dance

Are you fed up with the usual aerobic class and feel clumsy to be part of it? Therefore, leave behind your exercise ball, aerobic steps, and 1-2-3 rhythm at home. Bring your gyrating hips, shaking legs, and a desire to move like Channing Tatum in the Zumba dance workout class. Zumba is a health fitness program initiated by a Colombian choreographer and dancer Alberto “Beto” Pérez.

Thus, the high-energy Zumba dance class is set to upbeat Latin and international music with easy to follow dance moves. Below, get to know how this Latin-inspired popular dance exercise keeps the heart rate up to burn calories with tons of fun.


First Equip yourself for Zumba Dance Class

Zumba Dance - enjoy your fitness

Searching the best Zumba classes near me but unable to find due to the current situation? Create your own Zumba dance class with an online instructor and a perfect spot to follow him. While choosing the spot, make sure of enough space to reach out arms without destroying surroundings.

Keep the volume high to feel the music and follow the same repeated, basic movements each song offers. Hence, all you need are:

  • Easily stretchable workout clothes due to a lot of shaking and boom-boom
  • A towel to wick away the sweat coming your way
  • Appropriate footwear, like the athletic shoe to support ankles
  • A generous bottle of water

Further, you need lots of energy to cope up with the combo of slow and fast rhythms. Anyhow, you are good to go by nullifying the anxiety to memorize tons of steps for dancing perfectly. Just go with the flow!

Basic Steps of Zumba Dance Workout for Weight Loss

Do not worry about being welcomed for Zumba dance class only if you are the best dancer trophy holder. As the Zumba steps are free-flowing with no required rhythm and stepping in perfect timings.

In this way, sway your arms and keep legs kick with the beats, which will make yourself feel to be the part of a dance party. However, the basic salsa moves that need to be learned first with eight counts are:

  • Take a step to the left with the left foot and shift weight on the right one
  • Then bring back the left foot inwards and pause
  • Step with right foot to right and shift weight on the left foot
  • Similarly, bring it back and pause for the eighth count

Further, with travel steps, move a level ahead that involves taking four steps to aside. In this way, the back foot catches the lead (left) leg twice and similarly for the opposite side.

Zumba dance classes

The other three basic rhythms are merengue, reggaeton, and cumbia, with four basic core steps. Although Zumba’s workout program resulted from Latin American dancers’ inspiration, it later evolved.

Now, there are new dance moves with MAMACITA, Despacito, and Cheap Thrill, even the Indian bhangra songs.


Zumba Benefits: Alternative to Old Fitness Program

dance enjoying couple


How does it feel going to a dance party and carving yourself into shape? As Zumba is one of the aerobic dance exercises so, remember Zumba sculpt and tone the body by burning 600-1,000 calories per hour.

Hence, get strong by Zumba classes as they target your

  • Legs: Jumps/lunges work the hamstrings and quads
  • Core: Dance steps focus on hips and midsection
  • Glutes: Burn in buns while moving to beats
  • Arm: Special classes like Zumba Toning shapes the arms

Apart from being a total body workout program, Zumba dance is actually;


Fun for all Ages: 

A daughter can dance alongside her mom, and she alongside hers in their best ability. In this way, you stick to it more out of the fun.

dance with daughter


De-stress yourself:

 Great way to reduce stress from daily grind due to its effectiveness in improving concentration and reducing fatigue. In short, Zumba dance class enhances overall cognitive function.


You burn without realizing:

Dripping of sweat indicates a productive workout for weight loss. While dancing, you actually forget you are exercising.


Heart Health: 

Helps to maintain a perfect cardiovascular, respiratory system that is an anaerobic benefit.


healthy heart


Body Coordination plus Coordination with Friends:

Practice with repeated steps helps your legs and arms move in coordination.

Further, all get so involved in singing and dancing together that everyone pays attention to surrounding and avoids falling a step on anyone.

indoor zumba class


The Bottom Line

Thus, Zumba dance class is the best form of cardio workout that strengthens the muscles as well. Further, every time you exercise, it will make you smile due to the release of endorphins that triggers positive feelings.


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