Get your legs in shape at home by 20 Minutes Best Leg Workout


Get your legs in shape at home by 20 Minutes Best Leg Workout

Get your legs in shape at home by 20 Minutes Best Leg Workout.


Best leg workout can be a great thing you can do to your body. Now, luckily as you reached here, stick to know the moderate-vigorous legs workout to include in your physical fitness program.

Who among us does not dream of attractive legs like Taylor Swift or strong enough like Taylor Kitsch? I am sure you to be on the same boat and might be thinking of starting a high fitness program for straight and slender legs.



Firstly, we congratulate and welcome you for the first step of your improved mind and body transformation journey.

Pickups of Best Leg Workout to Tone your Thighs and Legs

You do not need to join the expensive membership at the gym and workout to keep yourself fit. All you need is 20 minutes of a day and a strong will to get better.

High Knees

Do not be tricked by the plain name this exercise sounds like. The high knee is actually a high-intensity warm-up that pumps blood to activate your core and strengthen the thighs.

In this way, it will fire up entire full legs, lower body flexibility and improve hip flexors.


How to Do:

1. With feet hip-distance apart, stand straight
2. Lift right knee and raise left arm
3. Switch quickly with left knee and right arm up before the right footfalls
4. Continue pulling knees as high as it will go for 2 minutes or more

Donkey Kicks – Another way of best leg workout


You will definitely love to mimic the animal’s movement, as the name suggests. According to Keaton Ray, trainer, donkey kicks are the best leg workout which, does wonders in isolating the biggest glutes muscles.

How to Do it:

1. Get down on fours with hands stacked under shoulders and knees under hips
2. Keep your back flat, and chin slightly tucked to let the neck face the ceiling
3. Make sure of the 90 degrees bend in your right knee
4. Now slowly lift the right leg to the back and up to the ceiling
5. Maximum height of leg raise is just before the back arches
6. Now return to the previous position and repeat
7. Switch to the left leg and perform

Lunges with or without Dumbbells- Best leg workout




Lunges not only set legs muscles ablaze but also helps in body balance and coordination. Hence, try to add this exercise to your thigh workout too.

How to Do it:

1. Hold 5 or 8 pounds dumbbell in each hand and stand with feet hip-width apart
2. With left leg, lunge forward and then straighten the leg
3. Align front left knee over the front ankle, keep the weight in heels
4. While you lunge, the right knee should reach an inch above the ground
5. Keep the torso perpendicular to the floor
6. Continue these lunges with the left leg for 30 seconds and then switch the side


squats-leg workout

Nothing can beat Squats when it comes to a good leg workout at home. Besides, you can load up this functional thigh exercise by racking dumbbells. In this way, going heavier as you become stronger helps you to reap more benefits.

How to Do it:

1. Stand a little wider than the hip-width apart
2. Engage core and sit hips back to lower into a squat while keeping the back flat and chest tall
3. Stop moving when thighs come parallel to the ground
4. Now, press into the mid-foot to stand and hence, return to start
5. Repeat 10 to 12 times

Standing Quad Stretch

After the high fitness routine, you need a quick workout to cool down and gradually relax your body. In this way, standing quad stretch slows down the heart rate and improves flexibility.

How to Do it:

1. Stand straight with two feet together and hands resting on the sides or wall only if you need
2. Bend the left knee and use your hand to pull it towards the butt
3. Meanwhile, keep knees together
4. Squeeze the butt to enhance stretch on the legs’ front
5. After holding for 30 seconds, repeat for the other leg

The Bottom Line

With proper nutrition and the best leg workout routine, you can not only tone your body and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

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