Groom Yourself with Wajid Khan’s Makeup Tips

Groom Yourself with Wajid Khan’s Makeup Tips

Groom Yourself with Wajid Khan’s Makeup Tips

We understand your self-doubt seeing all beauty influencers on YouTube ending up with a perfect look. And you start thinking you cannot be an expert like them or might need high-end products to do so.


However, don’t worry about spending for Selena Gomez or Zendaya’s budget for a flawless look. I mean, you can be good at your own with few makeup tips and hacks.

Scroll down to know the Wajid Khans makeup tricks to tackle setting the base on the oily face, shaping your cheeks bones, applying eyeshadows or letting lippies to last longer.

In this way, you can enhance the high points of facial features to get beautiful from within look.



What Makeup Tips you Need to Wear Makeup Like a Pro?

 A basic step when you’re planning for a flawless look is prime, prime, and prime. In this way, all the colours applied on the top of the primed face become more intense and pop out.

wajid khan makeup pro

Primer: Base for Makeup

What Primer actually does? A perfect illuminating gel/cream formula with a dewy finish creates a smooth and neutral canvas, which lets the foundation, lasts longer.

Further, the Primer fills all the skin pores and lines and protects the skin from damage.


Wajid Khan’s Makeup Tips for Primer 

  • For further protection even before Primer, double cleanse face with rose water and apply Vitamin E serum (good for oily skin specifically)
  • Invest in good Primer in order to avoid cosmetic getting inside the skin


Foundation: Make Your Skin Look Better


Not a plaster, but make your skin looks your very own but better with even, uniform, and perfect coverage.

Hence, choosing it is the toughest task while shopping for cosmetics. Mainly when got different types from liquid to cream to stick and Mineral.

A plethora of shades (for all skin types), finishes (for oily to dry skin), and coverage (for normal to problematic skin) can make anyone’s head spin. Anyhow, while deciding,


Tone: If you’re hunting for a base that will make you Emma Stone, just dab your face inside flour. It is better to opt for a base that matches your skin tone.

To check that, you can apply a little patch near the jawline (of course, they will let you) and see the difference with neck colour.

However, skin, which tends to produce more oil due to enlarged pores, can go a shade lighter. It is because; the base’s ingredients gives a darker look after mixing with face oil.


Type: A No to creamy and stick formula for those having pores that keep on secreting oil as some sort of frying happening on the face.

So, if you are unlucky here like me, choose a water-based matte finish base. However, dry skin can get a luminous creamy formula with little moisturizing.


Wajid Khan’s Base Tips

  • Wash face with cold water and then spray rose water to prepare oily skin before foundation application
  • Choose base with less titanium and zinc to prevent it from getting darker after oxidation
  • While selecting the base number, go for something that goes to your skin tone, which will let less product usage
  • You can even have 2 to 3 sticks with different shades that may serve the purpose of concealer and contour for a long run
  • Never apply Indian base on a liquid base (oil formula) to avoid a caked look



Compact – Quick and Light Coverage

Throughout the day, get touch-ups along the way. You definitely need something quick and lighter that works magically to absorb out excess oil, lit the skin, and even out tone.

Therefore, the compact powder works best as your travel makeup artist.

Another purpose serves even for heavy looks with a loaded foundation is to set and helps last it longer.


Wajid Khan Makeup Tips for Compact

  • If your base is darker, choose compact with lower shade to get a natural tone
  • You must not rub the powdered sponge on the face; just follow the dabbing technique
  • Never apply foundation after compact powder to avoid patches


Contour- Face Shaping

With just one look at models of weekly fashion walk, you find the contouring is a trend and is nowhere to slow down.

Although it has become a go-to for models and girls-next-door equally, it seems difficult to master. It is because; enhancing or slimming down specific facial features using dark and light products is not cinch.

What product is to use, either cream or powder? Where you have to put it for a sculpted look? Below is an easy breakdown to help you contour like an expert.

Wajid Khan’s Makeup Tips for Contour


  • Either use darker tone base or matte finish brown powder for contour
  • Always start with less amount of product to facilitate yourself in handling the contour
  • Make sure of perfect angle and then blend, blend, blend
  • A proper angle from ears to cheeks decides the thinner and chubbier face look. Use a straight tool for that (can be a brush)
  • For double chin, apply brown shade under chin and jaw lines
  • For the thick neck, apply along the sides of the neck
  • To make a face looks shorter, apply in the middle of the neck
  • For a longer face look, use the shade in the middle of the chin and around
  • People with a thin nose must apply contour from nose tip to eyebrows
  • However, with thick, apply it downwards, which will help the nose look thinner
  • Contour only the nose tip if you got the Mickey Mouse nose



Highlighter and Blush 

To give a hint of emotions to your face, add a flush to the apple of your cheeks. For that purpose, blush in peach or pink is perfect for an ideal fresh-faced look.

Therefore, rosy glow plays beautifully in winter and during spring.

Now you can go with cheek tints, powdered or creamy blush based upon the occasion you’re attending.


Makeup Tips of Wajid Khan on Blush

  • After contour, apply pink/peach blush to just apple of cheeks
  • Round-faced people must avoid blush not to look more chubby



Highlighter reflects lights and is often used with contouring for a subtle sheen. Just imagine the areas sun will hit first and apply highlighter. For example, the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, collarbones, or brow bone.

Further, the makeup artist Robin Black says that highlighter mimics natural light and reflects high-points of the face.

Wajid Khan’s Highlighter Tips

  • Highlight above cheekbones, under the chin, and above lips
  • For the nose, better to highlight the nose tip


Eye Makeup – Colorful Attractive Eyes

Every exquisite woman knows drawing attention toward her eyes is on top to look attractive.

For this purpose, comes eye make up that includes adding depth and dimension to eyes, making them larger or complementing eye colour, etc.


However, there are eye makeup trends too, from shimmer to timeless Smokey eyes to bright eyes to bronze shades. Not only shades but also cat or thin liner with curly lashes helps to make eyes more fascinating.


Wajid Khan’s Tips for Eye Makeup


  • Avoid applying a base to eyes; this dry skin is more susceptible to wrinkles, and rubbing can increase the chance
  • Before applying colour to eyelids, make a socket line in D-shape with a light brown shade
  • You can further create depth by another application and blending of dark brown on top
  • For exact pigment, use a wet brush then eye shade but make sure less water and more product
  • Remove extra shade softly with a clean brush
  • Cover dark circles with orange or oriental and choose light tone powder on top



Lipstick – Lip Color; Brightens up Face

A small coloured stick in a tubular container works like a big thing in a small package. It is an absolute makeup essential without which makeup is incomplete.

Further, lipsticks do wonder to bring a difference to your looks from girly to dazzling damsel with peachy and wine red lips.

However, the variety of textures makes a choice further mindboggling. For example, gloss, matte finish, lip tint, crayons and creamy ones, etc.



Wajid Khan’s Makeup Tips to Apply Lip Color

  • Before lipstick application, hydrate lips by lip balm and leave it on for as long as possible
  • Choose a lip colour preferably brown to overdraw lips and then dab with compact Hence, applying desired lip shade afterwards give a more defined and desired shape
  • Use lighter shade on the middle of upper and lower lips to have pouty lip shape
  • If you apply lipstick from inward, it enhances your lip size apparently. For this lift upper lips from a corner with fingers and move brush/lipstick backwards to cupid bow


The Bottom Line – Wajid Khan’s Makeup Tips and Tricks 

Did you get the idea which makeup product is to use in the best way for daily wear or events? We are sure, this handy guide on makeup tips help to make you look pretty and also not made up.


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