List of Best Movies That You Will Never Want To Miss

List of Best Movies That You Will Never Want To Miss

List of Best Movies That You Will Never Want To Miss

Are you under lockdown and getting bored? Hence, it is the right time to watch the best movies as the whole family is locked inside and has nothing to do. So, instead of poking nose in every chore, get the idea of upcoming best movies.

Thus, you can, along with family, be involved in something entertaining rather than being stressed out due to pandemics. For this, we brought for you not-to-miss best movies from adrenaline-pumping action to a haunting horror film.

Best Movies to Watch with Family during Quarantine

best movies 2020

Depending upon your interest, check out the list of the latest top movies that had their official release in 2020 and brief run in 2019.

Die Laughing with Best Comedy Movies

Laugh aloud to forget what’s happening around you. For that, we got something here for every sense of humor with laugh riots that you would barely endure.

As for some comedians like Michaela Coel and James Acaster, it comes so naturally that you cannot help laughing. Otherwise, humor is such a hard thing to be boring, ridiculous, or worse at the same time.

Thus, be sure to add these new exciting best funny movies to your calendar.

Bad Boys for Life (2020)

This American action comedy film directed by Adil and Bilall is a sequel to Bad Boys II (2003).

The most powerful Hollywood actor (by Newsweek), Will Smith, and standup comedian; Martin Lawrence, respire their roles in Bad Boys for Life as buddy FBI detectives.

Further, Mike and Marcus, being detectives, investigate all murders connected to Lowrey’s past. Now, it is not just a drug lord with his evil misdeeds but a family drama.

It is because; the drug lord’s wife and son plan revenge from those involved in his trial, including them. Get ready for the nonstop laugh, explosions, and action with Mike and Marcus. (Release date: January 17)

The Gentlemen (2020)

This film deserved to be a critical and box office success, and we are happy as it happened.

The Gentlemen is a crime caper comedy where an American ex-pat Mickey Pearson tries to sell his marijuana empire in London following various plots, bribery, blackmail, and schemes.

Matthew McConaughey, after his breakthrough in romantic comedies like The Wedding Planner and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, tried his luck in this action film. And no doubt, he stole our hearts in The Gentlemen by spreading smiles.

Further, a film of Guy Ritchie is as action-filled as it is funny and proof that Henry Golding is not just one-hit-wonder but can excel in comedy roles too. (Release date: January 24)

Like a Boss (2020)

Miguel Arteta’s film Like a Boss shows how two persons of different mindsets can settle together for a common goal.

Two friends Mia (Tiffany Haddish), who is practical, and Mel (Rose Byrne), who wants to earn lavish life, runs their own beauty company.

Both of them address their differences when the company runs into debt from industry titan. Although Like a Boss is not very funny, we enjoy seeing all our ladies in the film.

Won’t the Dina of Girls Trip (Tiffany) enough to invite you? Moreover, our Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy award nominator for Damages, i.e., Rose Byrne, also waits for your review. (Release Date: January 10)

My Spy (2020)

How excited is it to see your favorite World Heavyweight Champion in My Spy performing a comic role? About you, not sure, but I am super happy to see Batista be on mercy on nine years old girl.

While spying on Sophie’s (Chloe Coleman) family during a routine operation, the CIA agent JJ (Dave Bautista) catches her. Hence, not to blow his cover, he agrees to teach her spying.

What happens during that course is exciting. Further, after the best comedy movies Get Smart and Tommy Boy, My Spy, is another Peter Segal masterpiece. Thus, get yourself ready to end up with belly pangs like a sense of tickling. (Release Date: January 9)

English ki Taay Taay Fiss (2020)

This Bollywood comedy movie of Shailendra Singh Rajput demands loads of loud laughter to justify its comedy. English ki Taay Taay Fiss revolves around a village whose Sarpanch Sajjan Singh visualizes his village as an ideal land. Due to limited resources, unfortunately, he cannot make this happen.

But will his dream be fulfilled when his son Shivam comes back from abroad with new plans to accomplish this goal? Anyhow, you will not help yourself by seeing just the facial expression of Rajpal Yadav of super hilarious Dhol and Hungama movies.

Further, our winner of the Great Indian Laughter Challenge, i.e., Sunil Pal and Manoj Joshi, gives reasons to watch this best Hindi comedy movie 2020 with family. (Release date: January 3)

Super Creepy Best Horror Movies

Plug your ears with fingers tightly while watching these super creepy horror films to avoid the fear when the buzzing turns into sudden din.

Take our advice as AnnabellePinhead, and Michael Myres might haunt you throughout the night and make it difficult to sleep.

Now when you are ready, scroll down to check below the best horror movies remakes, sequels, and camp. They range from brooding to extreme bloody supernatural scary slate.

The Grudge (2020)

Once you enter, death follows you! The Grudge: A single haunted house with several killings history. Why does it happen? What ghostly figure is behind them for? All these mysteries open up when a detective investigates a murder case.

In this way, he finds its connection with a past case of the same nature handled by his new partner.

Now, this ghostly curse in The Grudge spreads to an ill woman and her husband. Besides, the characters starring are Andrea Riseborough, Demian Bichir, Betty Gilpin, and more. After The Death of Stalin and Mandy,

The Grudge is an addition to the best horror movies of Andrea Riseborough. (Release date: January 1)


Gretel and Hansel (2020)

Horror, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Mystery, and Fantasy, what not attracts horror film fanatics in Gretel and Hansel films.

See how Beverly Marsh of It, i.e., Sophia Lillis with her brother Sam Leakey fend for themselves in dark woods! Hungry siblings just stumble upon the bounty of food without realizing it a trap by the house owner.

Who knows? Its owner is a witch who may get a sinister plan to harm them. Further, in Gretel and Hansel under Oz Perkins’s direction, you will notice beautiful cinematography by Galo Olivares. (Release date: January 31)

Vivarium (2020)

What will you do when the place you live in seems unsafe? You obviously will find a better place for survival. Running in search of secure habitat, Imogen Poots, and Jesse Eisenberg in Vivarium ended up in a Suburban neighborhood.

Guess what? That place looks more vulnerable and horror with non-differentiable houses all around. Moreover, each road they opt to leave the area ends them back there.

Now, find out how will Julia Maddon of Need for Speed, speed up the escape in Vivarium with some tech of Mark Zuckerberg of The Social Network. (Release date: March 27)

Best Animated Movies Full of Colors and Life

Your kids had enough of your screams in another room while you are being relished with a spine-chilling feature. When the whole family is under lockdown, and you’re finding the ways of only your amusement, that is not fair.


Dear Kids! Here, we are with you with exciting best movies from Frozen II to Avatar to Sitara.

Therefore, kids, this weekend, have fun with your parents via the growing landscape of entertainment, i.e., dominating animation.

Pick up your favorite film from the new cartoon movies that provide something for every age.


Scoob! (2020)

Warner Animation Group produced mysterious comedy films, which has based on the Scooby-doo franchise. But don’t expect Scoob to be a repetition of what came before.


In fact, it is the latest attempt of Scooby-doo to get back to the big screen with the biggest and tricky challenge to unleash the ghost dog on the world.

Further, during this journey, his gang discovers the secret legacy of Scooby doo and an epic destiny higher than ever. Like other best-animated movies to attract you further, Amanda Seyfried, Zac Efron, and a more star-studded cast of voice talents. (Release Date: May 15)

Onward (2020) 

Onward is a crowd-pleasing animated adventure of two elfin brothers Ian and Barley, and among cool kids movies of 2020. You must have a tissue box along, as this sweet-spirited prelude to springtime will let you shed a river of tears. As Ian and Barley, voiced by Chris Patt and Tom Holland, embark on meeting their late father.

Anyhow, it may be successful with a little bit of magic and luck. How does Mom react after knowing her kids are missing? What steps does she take with legendary manticore to find them? Find that out in this one of the best movies of 2020. Onward being Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios production invites viewers. (Release date: March 6)

Sitara: Let Girls Dream (2020)

Our Oscar winner lady Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, her name connected to this movie as a director, brings it among the best movies and a must-watch for your kids. Sitara, even without dialogues, evokes deep thought and emits a devastating sound of broken dreams.

On the other hand, it tells the story of a Pakistani girl with a dream of becoming a pilot. Of course, what stops her, are the cultural barriers and gender’s limits. In the world of animation, Sitara beautifully and accurately depicts the inner parts of Lahore.

Further, it has been distributed by Netflix, which makes it Pakistan’s first Netflix original film with a child marriage theme. (Release date: March 8)

Best Thriller Movies that will leave you Breathless

Go into a movie knowing that you will spend a good time for a couple of hours with your family.

How will you know that you are moving in the right direction? Keep your eyes just the bottom of this blog where we promise you a good time with thrillers ranging from psychological suspense to jump-scare.

Therefore, before checking our list, take the manicure kit out as you may end gnawing off your nails in excitement. Ready? Have a look at the heart racing picks from the specific genre, i.e., best thriller movies of the year.

Malang (2020)

Blend of drama, thrill, and soulful romance. Malang is a perfect match of free spirit girl Sara and an introvert guy Advait. As soon as you’d have enough power-packed scenes, their romance gives you a break.

Further, in Malang, you will find a perfect combo of rising stars, i.e., Aditya Roy Kapoor, Disha Patani, and legendary Anil Kapoor.

This M.S. Dhoni girl gets attract to Advait, then their life gets a turn, and he is on a killing spree. Try to uncover the reason behind his outrage with the cops of Malang. (Release date: February 6)


thriller beat movies list

Swallow (2020)

Swallow shows what happens when a woman is emotionally stifled in her marriage and domestic life. In this psychological thriller feature, a wife develops a disease, Pica. In this way, she craves to ingest all inedible objects and materials.

Whatever she finds, she urges to eat regardless of the result of such non-nutritious consumption. Further, the characters starring in Swallow are Austin Stowell, Haley Bennett, Elizabeth Marvel, and other big names.

(Release date: March 6)

The Hunt (2020)

Imagine sleeping at home and waking up in an unknown place with strangers. In The Hunt, twelve strangers wake up under the clearing they do not know. And how did they get there? Is it mysterious and shocking equally?

Under elitists’ dark internet conspiracy theory, they gather to find humans for sport. Craig Zobel’s thriller The Hunt looks exciting when Crystal among them turns the table on the ruthless pursuers.

The star of the Netflix comedy series GLOW, i.e., Betty Gilpin and Ike Barinholtz of Late Night, bring zeal to this adventure. (Release date: March 11)

Highest Grossing Movies till now

If you do not trust on recommendation, assess a film’s success through its worldwide box office earnings.

The highest grossing movies earned revenue through home video, merchandising, theatrical exhibition, and television broadcast rights.

Hence, track the progress of every new blockbuster and know where each film stands record-wise to make it the next watch these holidays.


Avengers: The Endgame (2019)

Remember (with a broken heart) the damage caused by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War (2018).

Now, A Come BACK! The Avengers: The Endgame is an attempt of its surviving members and allies to reverse the damage that already occurred.

How could not this movie be among blockbusters in 2019 when the highest-grossing box-office star is there? Yes, your Robert Downey Jr. and also Chris Evans, who as Human Torch in Fantastic 4 is still remembered.

Further, this blockbuster film ranks first among the highest-grossing best movies, with box office production of $2.798 billion.

Avatar (2009)

James Cameron Production: Isn’t the name enough, which urges you to watch Avatar even without reviews? Under his direction as well, Avatar features mid 22nd century where human colonizes Pandora (habitable moon). Moreover, they come to mine unobtanium in the Alpha Centauri star system.

However, their expansion threatens the local tribes of Pandora, i.e., Navi.

We love to hear Call of duty’s captain Alex, i.e., Sam Worthington in Avatar. Other stars are Zoe SaldanaStephen Lang, and Sigourney Weaver. With $ 2.790 billion, it ranks second in the worldwide box office.

Titanic (1997) 

It is another of James Cameron’s all-time hit dramatic romance, which people still remember.

During the ill-fated maiden voyage, different social class people, Rose and artist Jack Dawson fall in love. Further, 17 years Rose from an aristocratic family could not help her feeling even when she had already set to married.

Although, destiny did not favor them, and the Titanic ship disappeared beneath waves taking thousands of souls. With stars Leonardo DiCaprio and highest-paid Kate Winslet, it is among the highest grossing movies with $2.194 billion earnings.

Check Free Movie Websites to See these Films


No more cinemas as an entertainment source. Are you serious? Did not they think about the movie freaks’ survival? It does not matter, we think! Watch all your favorite movies online for free without violating the rules of social distancing and at the comfort of screens at home.

In this advancing technology, all content of the best movies is readily available online to satisfy the viewers. See our collection of online free movie websites to either download or stream free movies, mostly with no sign-ups.


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Watch Best Movies on Netflix


Do not call yourself a film buff (sorry, but not sorry) if you are blank about the most talked-about movies and shows. And when it comes to what’s trending, what would be a better place to land than Netflix.

Oh, come on, say Yes, I know Netflix has got award-winning series and movies that range from superhero movies to Oscar contenders to hidden gems and beyond.

Due to the sheer volume of best genres on this U.S. media service, we eased your task of finding a great film from around the world. For that, therefore, we have plucked out some of the genuinely best movies on Netflix that are hard to resist.

The Irishman (2019)

Based on the book story “I Heard You Paint Houses,” Irishman is an epic crime film.

Further, a combo of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro gives enough idea of a story filled with thrill, crime, and politics. On the other hand, the story revolves around a truck driver Frank Sheeran who stands as a top hitman after getting involved with the crime family of Russel Bufalino.

Later, he works with teamster Jimmy Hoffa. It is a film, which is of full stars who are recipients of accolades. Moreover, Irishman includes Al Pacino, who we still remember as Michael Corleone in The Godfather. Hence, add it today to your to-watch list.

Marriage Story (2019)

A marriage story is a stinging tale of divorce, full of heartbreaks, regrets, and loss.

You will get to see the struggle of a couple (stage director and actor wife) along with their eight years old son.

Check the marital troubles of Nicole and Charlie, played by the highest-paid actress.

Scarlett Johansson of Iron Man 2 and Adam Driver.

Marriage Story shows how a struggle through a coast-to-coast divorce and grueling push a couple to extremes.

Extraction (2020)

Have you ever observed people who got nothing to lose in their life? Do you see they are least bothered about their lives too? It is what the case is in Extraction based upon Ande Parks novel Ciudad.

A black market mercenary Tyler Rake is fearless due to no fear of losing someone. In this way, he is hired to rescue a kidnapped son of an Indian drug lord in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Get to see full of action journey in Extraction of Chris Hemsworth (Tyler Rake), who never misses targets. Other stars are Randeep Hooda of Highway, Rudhraksh Jaiswal, and Golshifteh Farahani of About Elly.

Now check some of the best movies among Netflix Horror Movies below:

 The Platform (2020) 

The Platform is a deadly fight for food scraps for survival. In Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia‘s Spanish science fiction horror film, prisoners are in vertical cells where food delivers to them through a platform, which descends floor by floor.

In this way, inmates in the above cells feed themselves heartily and let the below starve with a little leftover, which causes conflict.

Besides, this thriller movie, The Platform, stars Iván Massagué, Antonia San JuanZorion Eguileor, and many others.

In the tall grass (2019)

The tall grass starts with two siblings Becky and Cal, who get stranded in a field in an attempt to rescue the crying boy. Their helping nature leaves them at the mercy of someone else’s help.

On top of being unable to escape from the tall grass field, they hear some evil spirit lurks in the grass.

Helpless, scared, tired, how will they avoid this monstrous grassland? Enjoy the performance of Laysla De Oliveria, who is also there in another famous Netflix series Locke & Key.

The Bottom Line: Best Movies

Rather than being confused among many classics or Oscar-nominated, follow our best movies and upcoming Hollywood movies list.

All our personal favorites will help you pass your time in a good way. Therefore, keep the fun spirit alive and go in all guns blazing.




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