Ludo and Ludo Star – Indoor Games for Kids & Adults

indoor game - ludo and ludo star

Ludo and Ludo Star – Indoor Games for Kids & Adults

Ludo and Ludo Star – Indoor Games for Kids & Adults

Ludo popularity has gone to spawn variations under brand names Parcheesi, Sorry! and Trouble even in North America. A traditional game triggered by dice will surely make you fan as well as it’s fun for all alike.

Further, the more exciting it becomes when friends gather at a place and set bets. Thus, are your friends, king of Ludo? Bring them all on a strategy board and let them roll the dice to race their tokens from start to end.

It is because we will help you with all techs necessary to win.

indoor game - ludo and ludo star

 Luck or Skills; What you need to become a Ludo King? 

Not luck or skill, but bit both Luck and Skill. How? Once you start playing, it’s the luck that you get the dice number to let your token out of the house.

Then, next is the use of a successful strategy you adapt to win. Do you have to move the same token again and again until it reaches the endpoint? Or move different tokens safely together and then take them to end.

Another way is the use of your token to kill the opponent’s token. Hence, your skills decide which strategy to follow at what time and win.


Tips to Master this Game

Ludo board consists of special colored areas like green, red, bright yellow and blue, indicating each team.

  • If you’re playing without a partnership, try to surround yourself with weak players and, in partnership, choose a master player as a partner.
  • A precise roll of dice from you controls the swiftness of tokens.
  • Highest rolls, i.e., Ludo Chakka let you begin the game. It not only allows the token from the yard to the starting square but also finishes earlier.
  • Landing on the opponent’s token, blocking your pathway to capture it and slows down his progress.
  • Reach at a safe home column as it bans the entry of opponent tokens there.

Therefore, speed up Ludo Goti (token) to enter the home column then roll the exact number to reach the home triangle.


Championship of Ludo Star 

Sometimes it’s hard for friends to hang out, create a set up of board games and start. But it does not mean you miss a fun-filled in Ludo. Among online games for kids and adults, Ludo Star is ranking among popular ones. For this, you just need to

  • Invite friends on Facebook to play it with you randomly
  • Choose any variation from Classic to Master to Quick
  • Be the creator of your own rules like killing opponent than entering a home or doubling the pieces
  • While playing, you can chat there and send emoticon to feel connected to the opponent

Now download the app and feels the game that you played during childhood as 3d with 3d dice.


The Bottom Line

It is easy to play with no hard and fast rules, hence, gaining fame with every passing day. Mainly you will find more heads bowed on phones during free hours after the outset of Ludo Star.

indoor game for kids- ludo

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