On Rainy day 8 Best Activities Ideas for kids

On Rainy day 8 Best Activities Ideas for kids

On Rainy Day 8 Best Activities Ideas for Kids

Are your kids cooped up inside due to heavy rainy days and now the COVID-19? And you feel panic about finding no way to burn the energy of these hyperactive mini-monsters?

Take a deep breath! No need to spend the full day in a tailspin in the absence of unsafe outdoor adventures. Because we at Kids Activity arm yourself with boredom-busting games, ideas, and crafts to have lots of fun even by staying at home during rain.

In this way, all parenting tips and expert advice solve your confusion about what to do all day. Keep reading our blog not to miss the fun and budget-friendly toddler activities for a rainy day.

List of best toddler activities for a Rainy day

Who will Splash the water high? Jump and splashing the water has fun when you look at your kid and say, Who will splash the water higher?
Let’s jump together!
The kid will enjoy this moment when he/she jump on the water with you and splash it higher than you.

jumping in the rain




Rainboot will help your kid jump on the water and splash water high and make a good sound effect.
The sound of jumping on the rainwater will also attract the kid and make them happy too.

From now go-ahead from usual jumping in puddles and dancing in the rain through the following rainy day activities ideas.

1. Burst Boredom; Burst Water Balloons!

If you got more than a toddler at home driving you mad, break their bond. Yes, divide them into three groups and distribute water balloons.



While raining, ask them to run towards the window and fill them with rainwater. Now within a time limit, all teams must pop all balloons by pressing under their feet. Hence, the first team that pops a maximum of balloon wins.

2. Clay Rainbow – Best Rainy Day Indoor Activity

I feel you being a mother; you do not miss a chance to teach kids. Hence, this rain can be an excuse to help them learn all rainbow colors. Drive today and grab some good-quality clay.

Take out clays in seven rainbow colors and ask them to roll them out into long tubes. Now, teach kids to fold the tubes and place them on paper in half circles in a correct color sequence.



VIBGYOR” is the secret term I use to teach rainbow colors to my kids. Each letter states the color name in the right order, e.g., ‘V’ for violet, ‘I’ for indigo, etc.

3. Float your Boat!

float your paper boat in rain water

Paper boat is old; now try this new version with popsicles. Thus, you will no longer hear cries, “Mom, how did my ship break, but others didn’t? I swear he intentionally soaked it.” And the never-ending quarrels.

For water boat of popsicles your kid needs,

a- Jumbo Craft Sticks
b-  Glue
c-  Paper

Guide him to lay four sticks horizontally and start to glue more sticks above in a vertical direction. Keep little space between middle sticks.

Popsicle boat craft - kids activity idea - rainy day

For sail, cut thick paper in a triangle shape and fold it around the craft stick. Now attach the sail in between the middle sticks.

Your kid’s boat is ready to float in rainwater without damage!

4. Pass the Water!

If you are against toddler activities in the water, then go for activities with the water. Let your kids stand in a line and make sure everyone gets a large cup.

Now the first person (that can be you) with a water-filled cup has to pour water over the head to your toddler’s cup behind you.

Then, move back to the line. In this way, keep doing until no water is left.

5. Sunflower art


After the rain, what your toddlers anxiously wait for is the sun. It is because; they get to see the colorful rainbow in sunlight after the rain ends.

Therefore, with handmade sunflower, they can encourage the sun to come out. For sunflower art, you need,

1- Spiral pasta

2- Glue

3- Brown and yellow paint

4- Green pipe cleaners

5- Paper platekids-activity-fun-idea

On a paper plate, place spiral pasta and ask kids to paint them yellow. On white paper, let them dip a finger in brown color and paint a circle.

Afterward, around the circle, help them to stick pasta as sunflower petals with glue. In the end, a green pipe cleaner will go as a stem or leaves below the flower.

6. Paint with Rain at Rainy Day

Let your kid exhibit their hidden artist inside by giving them fairly thick paper, watercolor paints, and brushes. Now it’s your child and paints for exclusive artwork and, of course, the rain for some extra creativity.

After he finishes painting a design, either just the handprint or random circles, ask him to take it outside. Notice what happens when nature joins in and splatters the human design.

Hence, the perfect blending of colors makes your toddler’s art piece good enough to be kept in the exhibition.

7. It’s Mini Chef Time!

Don’t know what rain does to make kiddos hungrier than ever? Hence, being curious about the meal, they weave in and out of the kitchen to make your meal preparation more complicated.

Why worry when you have us! Slip aprons over their heads to get the little hands into cooking. Meanwhile, you can set up an indoor tent as their home and be their guests.


In this way, this scenery change will lift everyone’s mood and help them learn the etiquette of treating guests (I know that teaching wish). Further, they grab few board games along with food items they serve to complete the atmosphere.

8- Blow Balloons and Play Tennis 

Who says balloons are only for decorating birthday parties? The balloons fulfill other fun-filled purposes as well. For balloons tennis, let tiny energy boosters expel out their extra energy in blowing balloons first.

DIY balloon tennis - toddler activity

Then for a racket, you need,

1- Spoons / sticks
2- Colored disposable plates
3- Tape

Tape the plastic spoons to the back of disposable plates. Now start playing with your child by hitting the balloon back and forth with a racket.

Hence, do not let the balloons hit the ground to keep your score higher. If this happens, a point goes to the opposite player.

The Bottom Line – Rainy Day Activity for Kids

If the health concerns do not let your kids play outside during the rainy day, then these toddler activities are great to try. In this way, they can have lots of fun by staying at home. Keep everyone together for a family adventure.

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