Ramadan in the Coronavirus Outbreak – Lifestyle with Lockdown

no more iftar parties until coronavirus go away

Ramadan in the Coronavirus Outbreak – Lifestyle with Lockdown

Ramadan in the Coronavirus Outbreak – Lifestyle with Lockdown

ramadan in coronavirus outbreak

This year Ramadan in the coronavirus will be a bit different than always. A month of blessings, a month of bonus is underway when all your good deeds and rewards get multiply. All Muslims worldwide give an example of a united Ummah by observing the holiest month of Ramadan.

It is because they keep fast together, break it together, and pray together. In short, Ramadan is an ultimate communal fest for Muslims around the world.

However, this year the global excitement, which arises as Ramadan’s moon is sighted, is unusual. The emergence of novel coronavirus has brought a dare for Muslims to prepare for religious worship while having the same spirit of this month.

Similarly, the lifestyle in Ramadan with lockdown looks somewhat different. How will it be? Keep reading!

Worship will be a private Affair in Ramadan in the Coronavirus


To ensure health and safety, Muslims have to cut back on large gatherings and usual festivities as per state orders.

Likewise, it has already been done during Fridays by following private Jummah prayers. We know, due to the closure of mosques and without large congregations, the cultural core of Ramadan is sadly missing.

However, to limit the further viral spread, every Muslim should practice safe Ramadan.

According to Prophet Muhammad (SAW), “The Muslim is one from whose tongue and hand Muslims are safe.”

What if you cannot attend Taraweeh prayers in Mosques, pray at home with your family, and spend quality time. Besides, in place of sermons, you can regularly participate in online lectures given by scholars, highlighting the range of topics.

Keep Social Distancing and no More Iftar Parties.

What about visiting other Muslims for iftar parties?

Breaking fast (iftar), with near and dear ones, will now take place with only people isolated from you.

Hence, it is impossible to visit other people’s houses for iftar, mainly when vulnerable elders live with them.

Further, leaders are rethinking large mosque gatherings for collective fasts’ breaking, which Muslims arrange to earn more rewards.

However, this small sacrifice by having social distance is a big step to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

You can, moreover, spend enough of your time in worship than the extra feasts. Do you still feel lonely? Then, plan a big online iftar with delicious Ramadan recipes with your loved ones and open your fasts unitedly. How simple it is!

no more iftar parties until coronavirus go away

New terms for Umrah on the Blessed Nights of Ramadan  

Just with the onset of Ramadan, Muslims rush towards the Holy city of Mecca for Umrah and Tawaf.

Further, it is their utmost desire to spend the last days of Ramadan, mainly Qiyam ul Lail, which is better than 1000 nights in reward and worship.

However, this year Muslims are not allowed to perform Umrah like before on the blessed nights of Ramazan. By following their strict rules of performing umrah, only limited peoples will be allowed to perform umrah and hajj until coronavirus will go away completely.


Umrah in Ramadan

Hence, you will be away from the house of Allah at this time, which is undoubtedly not at all easy for Muslims.

Regarding the savings you had made for this purpose, you can go in charity to the poor and needy.

charity in ramadan

Give your special care in the form of money and iftar dishes to the needy that has adversely hit this COVID-19 outbreak.

Further, your Sadqat and Zakat are also dear to Allah, just like visiting His house.

The Bottom Line – Ramadan in the Coronavirus

Believers place their trust in Allah; hence, they get neither worried nor anxious. A true Muslim finds positivity in every single calamity and hardship he faces.

Thus, it is time to show resilience and give others hope as well. Perhaps, this Ramadan, we might find the true spirit of Ramadan despite new lifestyles.

Beg more of Allah’s pardon in this month of mercy and security from the current condition.

Further, stay connected to others by uploading daily Ramdan reminders, Ramadan food menu, online Quran learning, and quizzes.

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