Why Should Wajid Khan Be Your Next MakeUp Artist?

wajid khan makeup artist

Why Should Wajid Khan Be Your Next MakeUp Artist?

Why should Wajid Khan be Your Next MakeUp Artist?

Do you see girls leaving the house without a bit of mascara or under-eye concealer? You haven’t so that we. Wearing makeup can actually boost women’s attractiveness and makes them feel more confident. Hence, celebrities and their followers have seen with less obvious but still made-up looks. That is why many artists are increasing women’s trustworthiness and likeability through their tips and tricks. And when it comes to an artist with professional makeup services, who would be more competent than a super talented and expert Wajid Khan makeup artist.

wajid khan makeup artist


Just at 16, he started his journey to create a niche in style. Either makeover or make-up for brides, his services have been unmatchable on national and international grounds.

Hence, with experience of more than ten years, he runs his salon in Karachi. Further, he manages to conduct beauty segments and competitions in morning shows to help you learn.

How he surpasses the competitors and manages to be on top? Keep your eyes right here to know the traits that make Wajid Khan different from others.

What Makes Wajid Khan Makeup Artist Exclusive from other Artists?

High to Sky with Talent and experience, yet down to Earth. Besides being perfect at makeup artistry and possessing successful color perception, this artist has several traits.

What makes him exclusive from others? Have a look!


Wajid Khan Makeup Artist Keeps His Work Up-to-Date

Did understanding classic makeup application refrain him from learning ever-changing trends? A Big NOOO, as you already know.

He always keeps his eyes on the latest trends that give him a bar to raise his work. Which brand is in, what latest technique is followed with which tool, and what new cosmetics have introduced, he keeps monitoring through makeup agency sites.


wajid khan makeup artist best choice


Wajid Khan Understands Facial Features

Rather than following norms, his passion is to beautify individuals by knowledge of which color will look best on whom.

First, he considers hearing the client’s specific concerns and requirements. Later, he suggests them being keenly aware of skin types, tones, and face structure.

He shows it’s not an obligation to look extra white with gobs of base and end up looking grey. Or else going for winged eyeliner may make eyes look squinty for some.

Wajid Khan sketches His Own Design.

Although Wajid Khan’s instructor, a perfectionist, Sofia Khan, has a big hand in making him what he is today. And he solely admires it too.

From what he learned, this young talent also tries to create his own work to make her more proud. And, we have to admire his efforts’ success.

It is eye detail, choice of color, or precision in an application. It shows his unique perfectionist attitude.


Wajid Khan Keeps on Practicing

Practice makes a man perfect! This maxim much applies to this young yet adept artist. Wajid Khan dedicates his time to master his basic and advanced makeup skills to practice.

For this, he manages his salons in Karachi (Tariq road) with huge success.

Hence, in the salon, he communicates with the team to ensure continuity and shows the wonders of his steady hands, and lets people amaze with their end looks.


Wajid Khan makes himself  Visible.  

His services are unmatchable not only on national but also international levels.

He makes himself visible by being a part of significant events like the IIFA ceremony in New York and the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant.

Another platform he chose for being available to an ordinary person is social media. Hence, his carefully curated Facebook and Instagram accounts are dedicated to his fans for learning.


Wajid Khan makeup artist Amazed Big Industry Names, Globally

Being remarkably talented, he has always been a handpicked stylist at the site of runway shows or fashion shoots.

Hence, Pakistan’s super talented artists he worked with are Samina PeerzadaNida YasirSaba QamarSania Saeed, Atiqa Odho, Zeba Bukhtiyar, Ayeza Khan, Iman Ali, and who not.

Further, he worked with big names of stars in the Indian TV and film industry, including Kalki Koechlin and Richa ChaddhaRicha Chaddha even asked him to shift to Mumbai as she cannot stop gazing at herself after the touch of his magical hand.


wajid khan with ayeza khan


wajid khan makeup artist

Wajid Khan makeup Artist Does not Restrain His Skills.

Whatever he has, he tries to transfer to others by conducting learning segments either in morning shows or makeup sessions.

In this way, he covers endless topics from classic lips to ombre lips, and Barbie doll looks to a dramatic look. Recently he conducted a makeup class in Karachi.

Hence, many women in Karachi tried to strengthen their skills by being part of his successful sessions.

He provides an open platform for learning to everyone next- to-door by conducting live sessions. He even discloses every single of his secret tip to get magical results.

Therefore, people from some countries like Nepal and India consider him their God. It is because mastering makeup skills through his videos helped them earn bread for their family.

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