World Cancer Day – Cancer is Global Challenge Where Every Action Counts

world cancer day 2021

World Cancer Day – Cancer is Global Challenge Where Every Action Counts

World Cancer Day – Cancer is Global Challenge Where Every Action Counts

World Cancer Day, an annual event held on 4th February, aims to raise cancer awareness worldwide.

This day is initiated in 2000 at the first World Cancer Summit in Paris. A 10-article document sets out a global promise to raise cancer patients’ quality of life in this summit.

world cancer day 2021

At this meeting, leaders of cancer organizations and state agencies worldwide signed the Paris Charter Against Cancer. As well, it commits to continue funding in treatment, prevention, and cancer research.

An Article-X of the Charter officially declared February 4th as World Cancer Day. So that, every year, the Charter of Paris remains in the minds and hearts of people all over the world.”

” This Day is the only initiative that lets the entire world engage in the fight against the global pandemic.”

Awareness on 4th FebLet’s Fight Cancer

Raising cancer awareness has become an essential goal for many cancer and healthcare groups. As a result, World Cancer Day has become an annual reassurance of this aim.

Although there is much growth in knowing, diagnosing, and treating cancer, many new cancer diagnoses continue to grow worldwide. In 1990, 8.1 million new cases were diagnosed. Likewise, in 2000 – 10 million, in 2008 – 12.4 million, and in 2012 – 14.1 million.

The annual cancer deaths worldwide have grown from 5.2 million in 1990 to 8.2 million in 2012. Accordingly, it increased to about 9.6 million in 2018. According to the World Health Organization, up to 40% of deaths that are causing by cancer are preventable.

Still, if cancer stays to rise, the number of cancer deaths globally will extend to over 16.3 million by 2040.

As stated by the World Health Organization (WHO), 40-50% of cancers are preventable.

The International Union Against Cancer, a group, raising cancer awareness globally, organizes World Cancer Day.

And for this purpose, WHO and other foreign groups are financing the UICC. World Cancer Day is an official origin for declaring new publications and new themes for World Cancer Campaign for UICC.

Hence, t works year-round and aims to raise cancer awareness.

World Cancer Day Theme 2021: I am, and I will

The ultimate theme of 2021, “I am, and I will,” shows us that our actions affect everyone around us, in our area, towns, and cities.

And that more than ever, our actions felt beyond borders and oceans. Thus, this year is a reminder of the lasting power of union and joint effort.

“Together, all our actions matter.”

On This day, we recognize that our vow to action will significantly reduce cancer’s global impact. So, on February 4th, whoever you are, your steps – big and small – will make lasting positive changes.

Cancer Day Campaigns – Knowing It Exist is NOT Enough

In the 21st century, cancer awareness has become very valuable. The Global Campaign Against Cancer has become a great means for drawing attention to cancer prevention in some countries.

For example, World Cancer Day 2017 shows the value of physical activity in the fight against cancer by the ‘Support through Sport’ initiative.

This campaign urges celebs, fans, and groups to use their voice and social media to spread their message.

One of the most useful ways is by social media’s power – where everyone can join.

When we decide to band together, we can achieve what everyone wants: a brighter, healthier, cancer-free planet.

Plus, read our hands-on article on World Health Day, which goes beyond just washing your hands and eating healthy.

It is one of eight official WHO global health campaigns aimed at raising awareness of sensitive health issues.


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