World Health Day – Health Campaign of WHO 2020

World Health Day – Health Campaign of WHO 2020

World Health Day – Health Campaign of WHO 2020

World Health Day on 7 April is more than just about healthy eating and washing hands. It is one of the eighth official global health campaigns of WHO that aims to spark awareness on sensitive health issues.

Every year on 7 April, all government and non-government health institutes focus on promoting maternal care, childcare, mental health and climate change worldwide.

It is because; millions of people still have zero access to health care. In this way, World health day every year also promotes healthy living.

Annual Themes to Ensure Learning: Theme of World Health Day 2020

World Health Organization chooses a different theme every year to ensure learning. Moreover, the choice of subject is based upon the current health issue due to coronavirus.

So this year on World Health Day 2020, WHO focuses on the role of nurses and health workers against coronavirus threat.

Tribute to Health Workers Who Are At Frontlines of COVID-19 Response 

World Health day 2020 is a day to reflect on your health on the one hand, on the other to remind the critical role played by nurses and midwives.

Let this year reflect on the high-quality care they provide data for clinical studies they collect and fear and queries they address.

Let us honour the vital role played by doctors, nurses and other health workers in the response of COVID-19 to keep the world healthy.

The way they keep their own lives at risk to protect the broader community is exceptional.

Therefore, we salute this most valuable resource of every country around the globe, with respect and affection.

World Health Organization and its partners will make efforts to strengthen this workforce this year. Hence, the tagline of World Health day 2020 says “Support Nurses and Midwives.”world-health-day-nurse-support

In this way, through setting a world health agenda or theme, knowing about global health becomes exciting.


 Activities that Mark Celebrations of World Health Day

The World Health Organization arranges regional, local and global events with unique themes to observe this day. Further, the celebration is marked by activities, support plans and pledges that extend beyond the day itself. For instance,

  • Authorities work with local environmental powers to improve actions against surveillance of vector
  • Campaigns to help travellers and people (of unsafe areas), learn better how to protect themselves when infections pose a health threat
  • Informational displays for kids and young people
  • Conferences for local politicians
  • Briefing for health workers
  • Easy and free access to medical tests
  • Public marches and exhibits

On the other hand, there are art shows, debates, contests, essay writing and award functions on a related topic. In short, there are joint efforts to inspire actions globally to protect and save human lives.

How to Observe World Health Day 2020 

Schedule up your routine

What will be my role being an ordinary citizen? This question will rise while reading about the day sponsored by the World Health Organization.

However, you can take a challenge to lead a talk about a current health issue in your area. You can get the entire info on the current theme from free information toolkits by WHO.

Moreover, you can also complete a task of doing the full research on last year’s theme.

On the other hand, schedule up your routine, being a sensible, healthy citizen as follows:

  • Start your morning with a good healthy breakfast and aims never to skip it
  • Get disinfectant and clean out your house, computer and multiple other things you use often
  • Wash your hands frequently to kill germs as it is a vital medium for viruses to invade your body and infect
  • Manage to exercise; this does not demand a properly scheduled workout. You can choose the stairs instead of an elevator or go by walk rather than driving
  • Stay hydrated by drinking 8-9 glasses of water, which keep you energized
  • Take regular breaks to avoid stress and muscle pain. During your break, get some sunlight, have a healthy snack or get up and walk
  • Last but most importantly, sleep early to rejuvenate your body

Relax your frayed nerves by keeping beautiful objects in your sight and good thoughts in your mind. If possible, at least once a year, try to see a doctor.


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